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Check 21 and Digital Check Imaging

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Laying Plans for Check Fraud Prevention Controls

The Check Fraud Battle: So Many Weapons, So Little Time

Preventing Check Fraud: What You Can Do About It

Winning the War Against Check Fraud

How to Win the Check Fraud Game

Fighting Corporate Check Fraud: A White Paper

Articles from and Others

White Paper: A Roadmap, Developing a Cost-Effective Approach to Secure Data Exchange (October 2007)

White Paper: Securing Online Identities, Next-Generation Considerations for Authentication and Client Protection (April 2007)

Navigating A New Payments Landscape

Federal Reserve Board Plans Study of Check 21 Impact

The Liability Shift Created by the UCC

Transporter Technology Ushers in Sunset for Modem Data Exchange

Push Applications Make Timely and Relevant Financial Information
Readily Available to Your Corporate Clients

Considerations in Secure Data and Information Exchange Protocols
Between Banks and Corporations

2005 Banking Technology Trends

The Check 21 Legislation Impact

Check Fraud: A Guide to Avoiding Losses

Selling Positive Pay to Your Bank's Corporate Clients

Defining the Landscape for the ACH Network

Preparing for Payee Positive Pay


Check Fraud: An Overview

Basic Check Fraud Statistics

Take the Check Fraud Risk Assessment Survey

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